How do I get a show at O’Brien’s?

E-mail Tyler at

How often do you have shows?

We have live music 7 nights a week.

What time do shows start?

We generally do doors at 8pm, with first band at 9pm.

Can I take pictures at the shows?

We are fine with it but you should contact the bands directly.

Does O’Brien’s have food?

We offer the finest roller hot dog based cuisine available in these United States.

Is there a dress code at O’Brien’s?

No. Let that freak flag fly my friend.

What is the parking situation?

Street parking in the area can be limited, but is generally available.

Can I open a tab?

O’Brien’s encourages you to live within your means, so we are cash only. We do have an ATM inside the venue.

I still have questions, who should I contact?

E-mail us at